"En Velours Noir"
Published by HIEMS Creations in 1998.
Cassette in handmade soft digibox. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.

Debut demo, enclosed in a special marbled black and blue packaging, conceived
and assembled by me and which required about 1 hour of work for each copy!
...and in fact just for this reason I put a stop to its production around 100 pieces!
Five heterogeneous songs written under the aegis of the deepest Spleen
and performed in a few days alone, after the split of the band.
For the first time I didn't use any guitar, rather opting for a symphonic approach
to the canons of the genre, and surely an omnipresent
avantgarde attitude inside the composition.
This first edition contains a glossy insert with the lyrics of the work.
Listen to some extracts ♫
Lacerto di un Sole
Don't Believe

"En Velours Noir" [reissue]
Published by HIEMS Creations in 1998.
Cassette with opaline coversleeve. Limited to 300 copies.

As told above, the previous handmade box was really a torture for me,
so I started spreading my demo with a simpler packaging, even if also detailed;
and in fact I even attended to present it with a different artwork inside
but at least keeping the original cover to not confuse people.
No lyrics transcription present in this second edition

"Under a Still Sun Kiss"
Included in the cd-r sampler "Florilegium Insaniae",
published by HIEMS Creations in 1999.
Cd-r. Jewelbox with handmade color xeroxed prints and poster booklet.
Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

At the end of '98 I composed this track for a forthcoming experimental sampler.
Ideally divided in two moments - the first electronic and cosmic
whilst the second is more classic and dreamlike -
I also used in this piece a different way of singing, languishing as
my mood during those days was indeed...

"Dans Les Fleurs de Velours Noir"

Just another unpublished work of mine, never spread whether due to
economic reasons (those compositions are probably the most severe
and Classical I created till today and matched with lyrics devout to the
darkest symbolism ever); or due to the bad quality of the analogic support,
besides live recorded to maintain intact the spontaneity of the Spleen
which often pervades me when I freely play a grand piano
not paying attention to the usual technical aspects of the sound.

Published by Beyond...Prod in 2000.
Mcd in silver printed digipack. Limited to 1000 copies.

As the title should suggest, this mcd had not to be my official debut album
("Thanaterotis Symposion"), but only a collection of songs stylistically and
ideologically far away from it and surely lyrically
amidst my most biographical ones (that's the reason why
I didn't include them in the artwork).
Three songs to paint the anguish of an artist who seriously felt difficulty
in the connection with his nearest and dearest.
Paradoxically understood by people as one of my most "catchy" work.
As fourth bonus track has been included the song "Under a Still Sun Kiss",
previously known only by those ones who run into
the limited sampler "Florilegium Insaniae".
Listen to an extract ♫
a monster nearby

"En Velours Noir" [remastered reissue]
Published by Anaemic Waves Factory in 2000.
Mcd-r in handmade 3-folders digipack. Limited to 44 certified copies.

After two years the demo was sold-out, the demand for it was still strong,
so I decided to re-print it again for the third and last time, but by a way it could be
object of interest only for collectors, leaving all the rest in the background.
So came the idea of this handmade (a certification proves it) digipack,
with contains together with the digital remastering of the demo
the complete lyrics, a biography, a reproduction of the original cover inside,
infos about the demo, etc. …of course all enriched
with a new enchanting artwork in funereal violet with a new cover

"La Danse Interdite"
Published by Mvsa Ermeticka in 2005.
Mcd-r in 5" high glossy digibox with insert. Limited to 500 copies.

The genesis of "Dark Tango"
after the frustrating loss of the debut full-lenght “Thanaterotis Symposion” master,
I felt the need to express my InnerWorld with this 2nd (and this time homogeneous)
long playing mcd: an unusual concept work which represents a tribute to Tango Renaissance
through the Contemporary Avant-garde musicians’ contribute, blending decadent sentimental
lyrics (also including an adaptation for a poem written by P.P.Pasolini) - sung with an
experimental / ill chansonnier approach to the voice - with music halfway Free Jazz and
Classic Chamber Music with a touch of dark ambient and some peculiar Research
contrivances such as the Estibillista presence or some polyrhythmic phrasings, often melting
into sonorities peculiar to another deeply-rooted passion of mine: the Soundtracks.
Absolutely for open-minded listeners and an important moment of explication
for my personal cogitations about Spleen...
Two different editions around:
1st part of the print with higher weight coversleeve and insert
(recognizable for p.o.box address 42, inside) limited to 200 copies.
2nd part with more thin coversleeve and insert, and darker colours
(p.o. box changed in 189), limited to 300 copies.
Listen to some extracts ♫
Senza di te tornavo come ebbro
Fugace Chimera [complete]

"Dans Les Fleurs de Velours Noir" standard edition]
Published by Mvsa Ermeticka in 2006.
Vinyl-look black polycarbonate cd-r in transparent jewel-box
+ 16 pages booklet. Limited to 300 copies.

At the end it has been published: now presented to the listeners in a renewed form.
Totally re-recorded. Once again partially done live (referring to the grand piano),
but on the other hand with an huge sound-work and post-production...
A pernickety job chiselled with love for culture and hate towards the modern facilities in music.
The inmost essence of Spleen is the main theme of this work, the lives spent under its Aegis,
the frail “fleurs de velours noir” never gathered because of the distrust people harbour towards
all what is dark and avoids the sun of E<S>soterism.
Close to some poems of mine, but I also availed myself with the lyrical contribution of
C.Baudelaire, P.Verlaine, G. Leopardi and A. Crowley. Moreover, musically enriched with
new Chamber / Classical and Free Jazz arrangements, dark ambient contaminations,
poetry reading/spoken word and finally the charming female vocal contribute of Maethelyiah
(Artist well-known for her musical projects Blooding Mask, Ajanuary Field and now singer
of renewed The Danse Society) ...the final result which will probably make dumbfounded the
usual listeners of EVN music, but which will surely moves this project to the attention of the
most sophisticated ones: pure Avant-garde Decadent Musick from
the blackest meanders of the synapses.

Listen to some extracts ♫
The Garland [complete]
Improvisation under Spleen
The Green Goddess

"Dans Les Fleurs de Velours Noir" [digibox edition]
Published by Mvsa Ermeticka in 2006.
Vinyl-look black polycarbonate cd-r in digibox
+ 16 pages booklet. Limited to 177 copies.

This more limited edition offers the possibility to get
the original cover designed in 1997 as well,
and it's presented with an elegant
black hard-case (14 x 12.5 x 1.8 cm).

"Dans Les Fleurs de Velours Noir" [Collectors' Edition]
Published by Mvsa Ermeticka in 2006.
Vinyl-look black polycarbonate cd-r in black velvet bag with gadgets.
Limited to 33 copies.

A prestigious very limited Collectors' Edition in black velvet packaging
which offers the previous digibox edition + extra stuff:
1 poster
1 sticker
1 post-card dedicated to A.Piazzolla
1 post-card dedicated to W.S.Borroughs
1 post-card dedicated to Jean Sablon
1 post-card which includes a shot from a rare A.Crowley's manuscript
about "The Green Goddess"

"Eternity (444 Cut Mix)"
Included in the benefit digital sampler
compiled for the victims of earthquake in Emilia in 2012.

Back to the roots... a classic gothic rock song
with a touch of typical EVN retrò sound.
Written, arranged, recorded and mixed in about 48 hours
due to the urgency of the initiative.
This mix doesn't include the final part.
Download from BandCamp: click HERE.

"En Velours Noir" [reissue]
Published by Mvsa Ermeticka in 2013.
Vinyl-look black polycarbonate cd-r
in black monopack with handcrafted silver embossing.
Limited edition realized on demand.

Since the previous cd-r reissue has been sold out in a few weeks,
to celebrate the 15 years anniversary of its publication this demo
is available again in a no-stop edition, realized by hand and on demand only.
A polyhedral work, perhaps unsettling for heterogeneity,
but already pervaded by that 'maudit' mood and avant-garde research
that brought the project to experiment and outline during the years
its intimate interpretation of Gothic expressive protocol.